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Here goes a story of a 1995 kid.

Hanbin in WIN Episode 1 vs. Hanbin in M&M Episode 1 – Nothing’s changed. He’s still the same passionate, ambitious and protective leader he’s always been. And all he wants is for Team B to succeed.

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Gotta reblog this.

Gotta reblog this.

iKON’s Bobby Wins “Show Me the Money 3”


iKON’s Bobby Wins “Show Me the Money 3″

Upcoming YG Entertainment‘s newest boy group iKON member Bobby won the rapping competition for the hip hop reality show “Show Me the Money 3.”


On the final episode of “Show Me the Money 3″ Bobby (real name Kim Ji Won) went head to head with the other finalists, Iron (Yang Dong Geun‘s team) and C Jamm (Swings and San.E team).

This is Bobby’s second reality TV show. He made his debut as a YG…

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OMFGulaaay! I LOVE YOU BOBBY!!! You deserve it! You can finally be with your mom! We’re all sooo much happy for you.

Slammed by Colleen Hoover

Slammed by Colleen Hoover

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Your own thoughts can deceive you more than anything else can do.

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I’m so disappointed with this episode… The performances are horrible… I’m so done with Vasco like WTF!!!!! Just Stop with the rock thing… People keeps on voting for him cuz they like him.

I’m so not excited for next episode…

-Admin Michaelle

And I totally agree with you there. I mean, twas great when he first performed like that, but once is enough b*tches! It’s a hip hop show, for cat’s sake.

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hanbin x tablo hug (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ C) | SMTM3 EP7

Even though I’ve heard of rumors about him being eliminated on that round… Even though, I expected it… Ugh! It still hurtss.

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Swings mentioned B.I on mnet show 4things | trans by: choinora_

BI :((((

Swings mentioned B.I on mnet show 4things |

trans by: choinora_

BI :((((

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