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Here goes a story of a 1995 kid.

Bad BI. #EpikHigh #BornHater

Bad BI. #EpikHigh #BornHater

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The reason why they’re doing  so well is that they’ve worked so hard since entering YG. Any improvements their competition make will not exceed the improvements these three boys have made since entering the company or even since WIN. These boys were not forced to work hard. They did/do it because they love this team and they needed to earn their place alongside B.I, Bobby, and Jinhwan. It’s the only place for them. They have earned their place and I will protect them no matter what. 

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Bored to death. First try for a fashion body.

Bored to death. First try for a fashion body.

My mind is in a constant battle of doing everything at once and not doing anything at all.

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This is a shameless self-plug. Sorry na lol

Hanbin in WIN Episode 1 vs. Hanbin in M&M Episode 1 – Nothing’s changed. He’s still the same passionate, ambitious and protective leader he’s always been. And all he wants is for Team B to succeed.

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Slammed by Colleen Hoover

Slammed by Colleen Hoover

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Your own thoughts can deceive you more than anything else can do.

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