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According to an article published by The Philippine Star: World News on the 17th of April 2014 (PH time), Caleb and Cody Walker will fill for the role of their late brother and the hottest of the Fast and Furious cast, Paul Walker for the upcoming 7th installment of the said film series. 

Praising the late action star, the article also described and acknowledged him as an "emblem of street racing and car culture".

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Oh, anon. Lakas maka-anonymous? HAHA

Oh, anon. Lakas maka-anonymous? HAHA

A message from Anonymous

Lakas maka anonymous ng avatar mo ah. Hahahaha! Isang ZOOMED naman jan! hahaha

Hahahaha takte! Bilis mo anon ah. Huweyt. feel na feel ko nga eh

Cover Compilation

Kanina sa tindahan sa labasan.

  • Mga tao: Ayan na. Ayan na! *Philippine Anthem*
  • Ale: *tumatakbo palapit* Sinong kumakanta?!
  • Manong: Si ano! Si JESSICA SOJO!
  • Ale: *hindi narinig* Sino?
  • Manong: Si Jessica Sojo nga!
  • Ale: *nalito* Ahh. Sya na naman.
  • Kami ni Mama: *nagtinginan sabay tawa* HAHA